"When I immigrated to Canada, dressing nicely was important to me. The availability of second hand clothing made it affordable for me and my kids to look great on a tight budget. I later realized what a positive impact buying second hand clothing has on the environment. These two points are now my mission with GreenDress; save the environment and save our customer's money."

Thank you,

Seema Khan, Founder, GreenDress.ca

GreenDress.ca was founded by a new immigrant to Canada during a worldwide pandemic known as Coronavirus. After her employer sent her home on March 16, 2020, Seema Khan made up her mind that she would take this opportunity to start the business she always wanted to run; a second hand clothing store. After some planning and brainstorming with her partner and her two children, Seema dove-in head first into this new venture, a new chapter in her life. Without knowing much about computers, she started to create this website. With the help and support of her family and friends, she was able to succeed at building this online second hand clothing business. While building this site Seema also spent many hours searching for good quality, fashionable, second hand clothes with the hopes of satisfying the many wise shoppers throughout North America. Seema, like many of you, believes that buying used clothing online, or in shops, is the best way to make the clothing industry sustainable. She believes that buying gently used clothes is a good deal for you, our valued customer, and it's good for our valued planet. Thank you for visiting GreenDress.ca. We hope you find something you like here. And if you don't, feel free to contact Seema and let her know what you're looking for.