We are here for you with a hassle-free, shopping experience when you buy used clothing online. GreenDress is a second hand online store for women who are happy to fill their closet with fashionable reused clothes and walk out in style. Women all around the globe are saying yes to reused clothes and welcoming a greener environment.

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We make it convenient and easy to buy from our second hand online store. Get your favourite tops or bottoms mailed to your home via Canada Post. We use Canada Post to ship our reused clothes because they deliver to every household in Canada. And that is our primary focus: Canadians! As a Canadian customer, you don’t pay any duties or customs fees when you shop for used clothing online at How convenient is THAT???

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Save Money. Save the Planet. Shop Green.

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GreenDress is the newest second hand online store selling used designer clothing as well as other, more-affordable, reused clothes. We want to save you, our customer, money and time by bringing you beautiful used clothing online at reasonable prices delivered right to your door. We realize that now, more than ever, in these unprecedented times as everyone all over the globe is dealing with the pandemic in the best way they can, that we all need to save money in any and every way we can. That’s why GreenDress started this second hand online store; bringing people fashionable reused clothes. Let’s face it, even during these challenging times, we still deserve to look smashing! So why not shop for used clothing online instead of paying top dollar for brand new! Thank you for visiting